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Get ready to tear down any obstacles your body and mind will find. As an IFBB pro and former Mr. USA, I've gained enough experience to help you achieve your fitness goals and change your life through:

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Hard Work

The real secret of success

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Healthy Nutrition

High powered diets to fuel your body

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Support and advice to keep you on track

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Global Service

Helping people across the world

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Coaching Plan


  • Flexible & Frequent Check-Ins (Only Calls/SMS - No Email)
  • Tailored Training and Nutrition Plans
  • Cutting-Edge PED Programming
  • Health Monitoring Through PEDs (Only If Used)
  • Includes Initial Phone Consultation

Your well-being is my main priority. I will help you make the necessary adjustments to achieve peak form and stay as healthy as you can be.

Contest Prep

Strength and physique competitions demand rigorous preparation, including specific goal setting, targeted training, precision nutrition, and caloric manipulation.


The off season is critical to prepare between competitions, so we will focus on recovery, muscle building, strength training, and nutritional adjustments.

Custom Goals

Whatever we set out to do, I can help you achieve it. From aesthetic progress to lifestyle improvements, I will provide support to help you stay focused.


Let’s chat about how you are going to reach your goals. No bullshit.

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Have You Done
Your Blood Work?

Blood work analyses provide a lot of key information about a person's health, and I work in collaboration with healthcare professionals to address potential risks, and make dietary changes as necessary.

Tracking these results will help me recommend adjustments in our training to optimize results and ensure continued progress.

Get Answers for All Your Questions Right Away

I know you can have a lot of questions even before beginning your fitness journey. However, I'm here to answer all of them quickly, at no additional cost.

What About Your
Gut Health?

Your gut microbiome plays a key role in your digestion and immune function. Knowing about your composition will help me adjust your diet to optimize your nutrition.

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This is What I Do

As a certified nutritionist with more than 20 years of professional experience in bodybuilding, I began my career at age 16, winning Top Teen at the Bodybuilding Team Nationals. I continued my award-winning career moving on to become an IFBB Pro and winning the highly coveted Mr. USA title in 2014.

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    Building the best version of ourselves is something we need to work on every day. I will use my experience to help you succeed!

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    Get lean and ripped. We will work on lowering your body fat while preserving your muscle mass.

  • Competitor exercising

    Get in peak form. With intensive training and customized nutrition, I will prepare you for elite competition.

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    Different physiques and specific goals require tailored nutrition plans to optimize your health goals.

  • Young man exercising

    Gain muscle and size. We will increase high volume training and I will recommend supplementation.

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    I have procedures in place to support our training plan and I will guide you through proper use of supplements to boost results.

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